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so i kind of fail May 17, 2007

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I really should post more often. However, I’m still looking for a job and I haven’t unpacked yet. I would show you a picture of my room, but it’s too terrible to show. But on the bright side I have had a lot of knitting time now that school’s over. I finished the Ene’s shawl from Scarf Style and I’ve made a lot of progress in Icarus (last chart and last skein. Sarcelle will be on the needles soon. I can’t wait). I’m going to make another Ene’s Shawl, but this time it’s for my aunt Sheila who lives in California and it’s a really pretty eggplant color. I love it. Unfortunately half the skein decided to fall off my hand when I took it off the swift (the swift didn’t want to stay on the table, so I had to take it off). Disaster ensued, and now i have half a skein that I can use for she shawl, and the other half that is going to make Mouse cry when she sees it. I plan in keeping it around for her to try and fix whenever she’s at my house. I’m a good friend.

I would show you pictures, but the cord is still packed away somewhere and I can’t find it. I will soon though, and then I will have pictures galore. I promise.


quick update May 8, 2007

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So, I’m in the middle of finals week. But here’s a look at life knitting wise:img_0237.jpg
The sheep journal is super sweet and was just $1. I love it.
K. Back to final stuff.