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house sitting = super fun July 31, 2007

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Well, maybe “super fun” is a little of an exageration, but it’s still nice. Mouse and Rachel stayed the night last night, so that was fun. Lucky for them, they’re still asleep. Honey (my Grandparent’s dog) woke me up at 6 to be fed and 8 to go for a walk. I did go back to sleep after feeding her, but after the walk it just seems a little pointless. Oh well, I’ll live.

I have started the shawl, daddy socks are past the heel, mom’s second sock is almost to the heel, and I might have some interlacements tiny toes to mess around with… All of the small triangles for the quilt are cut. I  need to get a square from mouse for the larger cuts and then I can finish cutting quilt pieces. YAY! I’m so excited. It will be so pretty.

As far as London goes though, things are progressing rather well. I still have a lot to do, but I am nowhere near as worried as I was before. The terror of leaving will hit me again though, I’m sure of it.

Well, I guess I should go do something useful. Knit that shawl I have to finish in 25 days (25 DAYS!?!?!? oh dear…)


so, about this whole London thing… July 26, 2007

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It’s really happening. I have my paper work from the program to present at customs. I have a school insurance card, and I have to call my heath insurance so I can have a piece of paper saying “no really, she is insured over here. we promise.” I’m getting fantastic new glasses (including freaking awesome green sunglasses. I will now be able to see the sights without fuzze edges). I had my teeth cleaned, and I don’t need fillings. I love my dentist (the other lady lied. boo on her. she said I needed 5. I think there’s a slight difference between 5 and none, don’t you?). Anyway, I have my last Doctor’s appointment scheduled, and I am currently figuring out how to fund this London adventuare. Until that is taken care of, I’ll still be freaking out.I et to pack up all my stuff before I leave. It’s always fun to realize that you are momre like a guest in your parents house than someone who lives there for real (reagardless of having the fun responsibilities of cleaning up after other people… but i digress). The point is that I’ll be house sitting for the next 2 weeks, and family contact will be minimal. I’ll get payed, which is wonderful, and work too. yay.

 In knitting news, socks are progressing, I’m still putting off that shawl, but I do have fabric to cut for that pretty quilt. I don’t think i’ve mentioned the qiult, but that’s pobobly for the best… I’ll have pictures after aug. 15th (my computer will come back from down south with my brother that day. I can’t wait!).

The London count down begins… 30 days to go until departure.


Holy crap, Harry Potter!!!!! July 23, 2007

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It’s done. I finished the book last night at Mouse’s while she sat there and waited for me to finish so we could talk about it. It truely is bitter sweet knowing that this was the final book. I was late in getting into the books (because when they came out EVERYONE was reading them, and if everyone was reading them, then I’m gonna be cool and NOT read them!… I failed, and kind of feel like I missed out on something) BUT things changed, and I am in love. I am sad that there will be no more books, but there are two more movies to throw everyone into the intense emotional roller coaster of the last two books! So there are still some midnight premiers to attend…

 in knitting news, the feather and fan shawl is coming along, I started new daddy-socks (the other yarn just wasn’t cutting it). Jitterbug socks need a longer cuff, Hedera #2 still needs to be finished, and one of these days i’ll start MS3. Oh, and my aunts shawl will homefully be started soon. I’ve had so much trouble that I just had to put it asside. But now it’s time to pick up the needles, and get my knitting but in high gear. I leave for Enghland in close to a month, and that shawl has to be done and in California before I leave. Wish me luck!

Enjoy Harry Potter. Oh, and have a box of tissues ready. I know I needed them.


oh dear… July 12, 2007

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we’re moving. And I’m so not okay with that. Mostly because I don’t wanna move in the first place, but I have an incredibly busy week and a half of work at the same time. Oh, and it really cuts into my knitting time. It’s just not possible to sort through years of old stuff and knit at the same time. I make time though. I need to have some knitting.

Anyway, another update after the move, I think. Wish me luck!


sorry, no pictures today July 10, 2007

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So, I figured out how to get the blog to work on my computer at home. Things are looking up. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures for you. I know, it’s horrible, but I’ll work on making pictures happen after we move. I’ll try and tell you about the knitting anyway.

 I started a new shawl the other night, despite Mouse repeatedly yelling “NO! STOP!BAD!” at me. It’s the Feather and Fan rectangular shawl from Folk Shawls (borrowed from Mouse, of course). I’m using the Interlacements lace weight yarn. It’s very pretty and reminds me of fall, so that’s fun. I am in love with it and want to knit nothing else.

I have my mother’s blue Hedera to finish, red birthday socks for my Dad, the second Schaffer Anne sock to finish, and Sarcelle to work on. Along with the big sock blanket and the super pretty Colinette blanket. Oh, and some socks made from Jitterbug in Blue Parrot. The stash has grown a little, but not too much. I just love yarn so much. And I need to take some rations to England (even if I am in a huge city with yarn stores, and hours away from both the Colinette and Rowan factories… oh, and the sheep infested country of Ireland). I must be careful. Stocking up early will prevent over-spending due to wool-highs…  right?

pictures eventually. Maybe the next time I’m at Mouse’s. Which will be later. I have no soul for the next couple of days. Work and the Harry Potter premier… There are not enough hours in the day.


humph… July 8, 2007

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It’s not my fault that my computer died and decided not to work. Right now it’s with my dad and North Carolina, and I miss it! Sadly, the other computer I have at home doesn’t love me and won’t let me post (which could be user error, but I blame the computer not liking me). Anyway, my computer will be returned to me with pictures and all together (thankfully the hard drive was not harmed in the computer spaz/death) so I can finally post on a regular basis. For now, I will take advantage of mouse’s offer to use her computer (knitters are such wonderful people, and we know how to share when fellow knitters are in need).

oh, and if you know of any yarn stores in London, England, please let me know;)


Hey, guess what.

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Amanda needs to post more. I have seen neither purls nor wisdom here in a very very long time. Not even little ones!!

Accordingly, I have hacked into her e-mail account AND her wordpress account, reset her password, and popped in to make fun of her. Okay, okay, I won’t be mean.

I shall, however, show you one of my favorite pictures of her.


That teacup makes a lovely snout!!

I can also show you some socks that she knit a year (and a bit) ago.  The fun part is that I don’t think that she herself has any pictures of them.


Emily the Yarn Duck was troubled by them at first.  They were foreign.  She had to examine them for a while.


She eventually decided that they met with her hard-won approval.  Nice.

Anyway, as “interesting” as my little interludes tend to be I think we all agree that she needs to post more. Maybe if we harrass her enough she’ll do it?  Time will tell.