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on a roll September 27, 2007

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So far I’ve finished four pairs of socks since I’ve been here. If I keep up the pace, Christmas knitting will be no problem. Sweet. I keep finding yarn I want to buy but can’t and it’s sad. I blame Blue Moon Fiber Arts, but they did help me find some perfect Christmas-sock yarn. It looks like this. I also want the Raven Series, but that doesn’t come out until November. Oh well, I can wait (I hope).

I went to the most amazing “play” on Monday called The Masque of the Red Death by Punchdrunk. If you’re in London and can get tickets, go see it because it’s amazing.

Other than that I get to write papers for the next week and a half, so if I disappear from here it’s the papers’ fault.


I found one! September 22, 2007

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Yes, it’s true. I found a yarn store in London! They are very few and far between here sadly, but the one I found is adorable. Loop is in Islington, and about a 30 minute ride on the Tube from where I live (tube = London Underground/subway for those who don’t know). They’re tucked away on a little side street, and they’re selection is a bit slim, but it’s all very nice. Prices are usual yarn prices. I did find something extra special that just had to come home with me.

That’s the yarn with the bag from the shop. Both are nice and pretty. Here’s a close up of the yarn

It’s The Knitting Goddess hand-dyed fine 4ply-weight 100% cashmere yarn. 700m for, get this, 16.50 pounds!!! That’s about $33. It’s absolutely beautiful, the color is called Brown Owl. I’m in love. And I’m going to make this. I can’t wait. First I have to finish Sarcelle. And I should probably finish the other two shawls I have on the needles (so I can start new projects…).

OH! I finished Liz’s Birthday socks, and they look like this:

I finished them ON her birthday (which was 4 or 5 days after I cast them on. Go me. They even got to see Orlando Bloom. Even if from far away). Now I get to continue with Christmas knitting. Hopefully I’ll be able to free up a pair of needles soon so I can start something new!


just a little eye candy September 21, 2007

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So, I need to put new batteries in my camera before I can put new pictures on my computer. But here’s one I’ve had for a little while.

Last week Kathleen and I went to see the play In Celebration at the Duke of York Theatre. We had the cheapest seats, way in the back that were not really seats, so much as designated benches. It was pretty funny, mostly because the ceiling was so slanted that we could not see the top half of the set… We laughed at the ridiculousness of it all through the whole show. Mostly because of this man,


Yes, that is in fact Orlando Bloom.
I just thought I’d share that little story, even if it isn’t very good.

On a knitting side note, I have finished three pairs of socks since I’ve been here. So that’s good. And I think I found a yarn store…


Punting, anyone? September 17, 2007

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I went to Cambridge on Saturday, and it was amazing! I loved it there, and desperately want to go back (grad school? eek). So yeah, it’s really pretty there. I had a very English day in Cambridge. We went to a pub for lunch, and I had fish and chips ad a Pimm’s and lemonade. Then we went punting down the river Cam, and it was so much fun! I have a ton of pictures from the day, but here’s one from punting.


I got to try punting! The guy behind me is our tour guide Will. He was really sweet, and we all had a great time. I’ll share all my pictures when I get home (I took about 100 that day. And they’re all pretty).

As for some knitting, here are pictures of the current Christmas knitting. I should probably just stuck them in a pile, but too late.







Two of those socks are not Christmas knitting, they’re for me. But I figured I’d toss them in to confuse people (teehee. sneaky sneaky).
Anyway, I have to get ready for class. I’ve been sitting here looking at Ravelry for a while now (EEK! I’m in Ravelry!!!).


oh Christmas knitting… September 12, 2007

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I love new Christmas knitting. It’s daunting and terrifying the closer you get to the holidays, but in the beginning it’s a perfect excuse for starting new projects (and buying new yarn… good thing I haven’t found/looked for a yarn store yet…). The bad thing about Christmas knitting is that I can’t really show pictures of it. That would ruin the surprise (even if I have been known to lie shamelessly to people about their presents. “no, this sock’s not for you. it’s for me!” teehee. but never doubt me, that could ruin it. and besides, the sock might really be for me.) I’ll just have to be sneaky. Good thing I really do have socks for me here! No one will know which is which (except Mouse, because she knows these things).

I wish I had more pictures with the sock in them, but my friends are a little scared and look embarrassed. The muggles just don’t get it.

But anyway, here are some pictures.

This one is from the airport just before we left.


My Mom and I are in the middle with Jefferson (the adorable dog. My Mom brought him for company on the way home), and Kathleen and her mom, Susan, on the other side.

Liz and I went for a walk to Buckingham Palace last week, and took pictures outside.


It was very pretty, and there were a bunch of people outside. I think we just missed the changing of the guard. Oh well, it was still fun.


Liz and I also did a tour of the Houses of Parliament last Sunday, and we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, but I did get a nice picture of the clock before going in. If you get the chance, do a tour of Parliament. It’s really cool.

So, I wont a ticket to Madam Tussauds in a raffle last week, so Liz, Kathleen and I met up after Liz and I had our internship interviews, and we went. We met some famous people (made of wax. but still cool).


Kathleen and I met William Shakespeare. We chose dramatic “Shakespearian” poses


Pablo Picasso and I had matching pants.

And of course…


We met Dan Radcliffe. Note the stupid-excited grin on my face. It was creepy. Fun, but still a bit creepy. And I loved it.

Kathleen and I went to The Globe Theatre to see Love’s Labor’s Lost on Sunday, and it was so much fun. We had groundling tickets which are 5 pounds, and you have to stand for the entire show. Bit it was still fun. I took a picture for Mouse


The sock on stage!!! It was wonderful (despite the confused and ashamed looks… the muggles just don’t get it).

Other than that, I don’t have many pictures. I’ve been going to plays, writing a little article (and it wasn’t half bad, at least that’s what I think), and we had a guest lecturer today named Fin Kennedy. Read his plays, from what we read today they sound good (I plan to, anyway). And he was fun and adorable, what more could you ask, huh?

And now it’s time to return to the Christmas knitting.


It’s official… September 6, 2007

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Yes indeed, it is that time of year again. Time to start the Christmas knitting. I am casting on two projects tonight, and listening to “Baby, it’s Cold Outside”. Getting into the holiday spirit…

I have my interview for my possible internship in the morning… wish me luck! I’ll be knitting to keep the stressing to a manageable level. Sadly, I have to keep the pictures secret. Aside from Mouse, no one knows that anything is… teehee.


LONDON! (picture heavy) September 5, 2007

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I finally was able to be a tourist this weekend, after a few days of lectures and orientation. The sock did not get to see too much, I was too busy taking pictures for the sock to come out of the bag. But anyway, here it goes!

On Friday we took a boat tour down the river Thames. I only have pictures from the very beginning because my camera ran out of batteries, so I knit the rest of the way (sadly, there are no pictures of me knitting. I did meet another knitter named Alex, and we may be going to Ally Pally for a day…). I did get a nice picture or two though.

Big Ben
Big Ben wasn’t there. Sadly, there were no chiming bells when we were there. We have to wait until November, I think. Oh well, the clock is still beautiful!

Houses of Parliament. Who wouldn’t wanna work there?!!?

The London Eye. It was supposed to be taken down in 2005, but it makes so much money that they won’t tear it down. It looks pretty sweet from the river! These were all taken in the first 10 minutes or so, before my camera died.

The next day, after first getting some new batteries, and reviving my camera, a couple friends from home and I took a little trip on the tube to…

Platform 9 3/4 to Hogwarts

Hogwarts, here we come! Yes, it was September first, and it was a little before 11am when we got there. We’re cool, we know. The “platform” is not an actual platform (you need a ticket to get to the real platforms 9 and 10), it’s just off to the side, and look what they have,


A cart stuck into the wall so it looks like you’re going through! Amazing!

sock to Hogwarts

The sock went to Hogwarts, too. I think I scared my non-knitter friends a little bit with this one. They just don’t understand. And besides, it was for Mouse. If she can’t go, then the sock can stand in her place!

After our trip to the station to send the sock to Hogwarts, we went to Hyde Park and walked around for a while. So far, Hyde Park is my favorite place in London. It is absolutely amazing. I’ll only post some of the pictures I took because there are just so many.


This is the gate to Hyde Park, and it’s right down the street from where I live. It’s very nice.


Albert Memorial


Royal Albert Hall


Princess Diana memorial fountain


Queen Victoria


Peter Pan!


A beautiful little garden at Kensington Palace


There were a ton of birds there, so I took a bunch of pictures of them. They are everywhere. This picture doesn’t even have the GIANT swans! They’re huge!


We thought this sign was funny. I swear, the dogs here are amazingly well behaved. My dogs would not fit in here at all.


A man sitting under a tree. I like this picture, I just think it’s pretty.


The picture I took before this one was of a squirrel, but the adorable old man thought I was taking a picture of him, so he posed but I missed it. So I took this picture instead. I think i like it better.

Well, those are some of my pictures. The sock was in my purse the whole time sadly. I was just too camera happy to take pictures with the sock. Another day though. And now, off to explore the Natural History Museum!