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um. going to the airport is not going to be fun. December 15, 2007

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I am officially done packing. I move out tomorrow, stay with friends in North London until Monday, and then leave for the airport on Monday morning. How I am getting to the airport is still up the the air, but damn it I will get there and be on time for my flight!

I have repacked by big suit case three times now, and shifted how my smaller one is packed. Thanks to my friend with the extra space saver bags, I do not have to leave any clothing behind and the bag I carry over my shoulder won’t be too unbearable and my carry on will actually be the right size. A word for those  traveling to London, they don’t let you take more than one bag as carry on. You have one bag, and that’s it. Not like the states where you have one bag and a purse. You have to put your purse in the carry on. You can take it out once you’ve passed security though. So that’s good.

In knitting news, I’ve finished most of the Christmas presents. I have one project on the needles, and two that I will start once I get home. I started a new pair with the Cherry Tree Hill yarn from Ally Pally so I will have two projects on the plane instead of one. Maybe I’ll get a chance to start the England socks if Mouse and I ever get a hold of each other. We’ve been playing international phone tag for a while. If I hear from her before I leave, we’ll start the socks in our current countries. If not, we’ll start them while one of us is in their country.

Time for me to go to finish cleaning, and then go to sleep.  I’ll hopefully post again before I leave, but if not I’ll post once I’m home. Happy knitting, and good luck with the Christmas knitting!


Sad face… December 7, 2007

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So, today was my last day at my placement. It was supposed to be tomorrow, but I’ve got tomorrow off. It’s sad though. I like my little office with my one boss. It’s a lot of fun. But alas, it’s almost over. I fly home a week from Monday and then it’s back to Michigan. EEK! so soon! I would love to stay longer. In all honesty, I’d love to stay perminantly, but for now that won’t work. Time to get things together and get ready for grad school. Gotta love motivation… London got me through the first half of Undergrad, so hopefully it’ll get me through the rest 😦

time for me to try and sleep. sweet dreams, and happy knitting!

I swear, I do still knit. Just not often enough to take progress pictures…