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true love February 28, 2008

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Yes, it’s true. I’m in love. But really, how could you not be in love with Noro Kuryon sock yarn?!? This is the knitting gods gift to sock knitters and Noro lovers. Look at this sock!


Isn’t it beautiful? I was past the heel on Tuesday and had done a heel flap, but I changed my mind and went back to do an afterthought heel. It looks better when the colors stripe the way they’re supposed to. I’m so excited for those socks. They’re just beautiful. Needless to say, I want more! I just thought I should share the beautiful progress picture.

Saturday I’m dying yarn with my knitting group so that’ll be fun. I can’t wait. It’ll be so much fun!


Picture update February 25, 2008

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So, here are the sock and yarn pictures I said I would post. First, the finished RPM socks


Pretty, no?
And a detail shot


Not exactly necessary, but they’re pretty.

And here is a picture of the “I can’t go see the Yarn Harlot so I’m going to self medicate by buying yarn” yarn


Beautiful, isn’t it? Noro Kuryon sock yarn. I have dreamed of this day. I bought a little thing of wool wash so that they will be properly cared for. As much as I should wait to start these, and work through other stashed yarns, I don’t think I’ll be able to resist. I may just break down and start them…

In other news, I have a cute new hair cut. and it’s short. yay!


horrible revelation February 23, 2008

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I have just realized something truly horrible. Due to being in a play, I will not be able to see the Yarn Harlot when she comes to Ann Arbor on April 11th. This is totally not cool. I have decided to send a WIP sock with my friends who are going as a stand in (along with cash for a book, of course). The sock will be as close as I can get, seeing as I’ll be on stage while she’s telling funny knitting stories. I’ll be doing curtain call when my friends get their books signed… Alas, this is tragic (a little overly dramatic, yes – but you have to understand that this is serious. This woman is like a knitting Guru. The Mick Jagger of knitting, if you will (thanks to a fellow college knitter).

In knitting news, I finished the second RPM sock. I’ll have pictures later. The scarf is coming along nicely, and the second England sock has been cast on and is in progress.


As an attempt to recover from the shock of not being able to see the Yarn Harlot in April, I bought a skein of Noro Kuryon sock yarn today… This is a weak moment for me. I will post pictures soon. It’s beautiful.


like, rocks and stuff… February 21, 2008

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I had an exam this morning in my geology class. Yes, it’s true. I’m taking oceans and atmospheres this semester for one of my science requirements. It’s not too bad, actually. Mostly cause I’m kind of a dork (in case you can’t tell by the fact that I have a knitting blog… which is not only dorky, but super awesome… but I digress) and enjoy learning about the atmosphere and really can’t wait for the section on weather. Yep. I’m a dork. BUT I think my exam went pretty well this morning. I won’t know for a little while but I didn’t fail. Which is exciting. Especially since I haven’t taken a science class in three years, but hey. I’ll survive.

In other good news, I have all kinds of rehearsals. Rehearsal for a play I’m in now, rehearsal for a directing scene for class, and in a couple weeks rehearsal for another play I’m in that will overlap with the play I’m already in. Did I mention there will be more directing rehearsals, too? Yay for majoring in theatre! It’s super fun. This does give me some pretty decent knitting time though. With all the classes and the time spent waiting to go on stage and while learning lines. I think I’m even starting to recover from the SSS


(sorry it’s blurry. I didn’t notice until it was on my computer. I’ll take a better one next time) I’ve made progress on two second socks! I’ve decided that I have to finish at least 2 pairs of socks before I can start any new socks. That may not work out as well as I plan, but at least I have good intentions. I do have at least 2 second socks that are at the point where they make good class knitting, which is helpful. They’ll get done a lot faster that way. Which reminds me, I should ask my geology prof if it’s okay for me to knit. I’ve hinted at it and talked to him a little, but never got a real answer. So we’ll see soon. For now, it’s time for me to get ready for a directing scene. Good times, right?

I may have broken my own rule a little…


and started a scarf. oops.


SSS? February 17, 2008

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This seems like it could become a problem…


5 half finished pairs of socks… Could this be a sign that I’m getting the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome? I kind of hope not. I should probably not start a new pair of socks until I’ve finished at least two of these pairs (which will most likely not be the color work socks, though one pair I should try and finish soon, as they’re a very late Christmas present…) The good news is that I’ve managed to finish three socks this week.


The orange one on the left is for me and Koigu KPPPM that I bought a while ago and had no idea what to do with. Now I have found something. In class knitting! The sock in the middle is Cherry Tree Hill in Birches in the RPM pattern from knitty, also for me. The sock on the right is also in class knitting, but a late birthday present with yarn I bought at Ally Pally for 3 pounds! The recipient’s feet are smaller than mine, and the socks stretch a lot. They’ll fit.

As much as I love procrastination, I have way too much to do today to stay and blog, though those sock pictures needed to go up. And now it’s time to get back to work. Or maybe procrastinate a little more….


… by spying on my roommates trash can.


21 in a freshman dorm… February 11, 2008

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I do have pretty new wine glasses though! And by new I mean new to me. Gotta love the Salvation Army


$2 for the two glasses, and 99 cents for the cork screw (and it’s juice. not a delicious but cheap Pinot Gritio…). Gotta prepare for living off board next year… so excited. Anyway, I’ve been getting some knitting done too. I finished the Endpaper mitts


They’re pretty warm for not having any fingers. I’m working on a late birthday gift. Hopefully I’ll finish them soon. They make great class knitting though.


I bought the yarn at Ally Pally in England. It was 3 pounds, which is wonderful. It’s super soft too.

Time to get back to homework and working on my shawl. Gotta love designing a pretty pattern. And there are large groups of sorority girls screaming outside my window… good thing I have a lot of work to do tonight and don’t need to sleep early.


New arrivals! February 5, 2008

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So, last week in a moment of weakness (okay, two moments of weakness, but they were in the same day, so I count them as one) I bought yarn online. Well, today the yarn arrived and made my day! This is what I bought:


Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Birches. It was on sale on the Simply Socks Yarn Company website. They are amazing and have the best customer service ever (they refunded my shipping for my second order and combined the shipping… amazing!).

I also bought this:


Claudia Handpaints fingering weight in Tea Cup. These were so cute, I couldn’t resist. And in case you didn’t know, I love tea and tea cups. I aspire to someday have a proper tea service… lame, I know, but it makes me happy. Here’s a picture of the yarns together



Okay, so I don’t just order yarn, I still knit with it. I started some fingerless gloves last night, and I’m about half way done with the first one now (I’d find the pattern and link to it, but I’m too lazy at the moment. The designer is Eunny Jang. the pattern is free from the blog).


I also started designing a lace shawl with the Colinette Parisienne that’s been in the stash for a little while


For now I’ve figured out the body of the shawl, and possibly a transition to the border. That’s where I get lost. But I’ll figure that out later. Who knows, I may need another skein of the yarn. That’s one way to buy time…

I should probably try and get some homework done rather than knit and order yarn… Time to step away from the computer for my own sake… Good thing I have new yarn to distract me!