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design your own sock, you say? April 20, 2008

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Brit Knits went to the yarn store of our founder today for a “class”. Really, we hang out and get yarn, and try a new technique. Today we all learned how to do a magic cast on and knit socks with the magic loop technique. We also designed our own toe up socks. Needless to say, I’m in love!

isn’t it pretty? I can’t wait to get to the heel and the leg. I like magic loop, too. It makes knitting in a pattern a lot easier. Though for plain socks I’ll stick to my trusty double points (that, and I have more of them. hehe).

As for other knitting news, I have a bunch of socks and such to take pictures of at some point. They’re all in progress, but I’m back to that point of having about 5 pairs of socks that are half done. Goods times. I’ll post pictures once I take them. For now, I’m off to knit my pretty new socks.

And another picture for good luck…


soon! April 11, 2008

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I get my life back after this weekend. I swear I’ll post soon!!!

until then, happy knitting!