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Mondays are good for posting July 21, 2008

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You know why? Because it’s the one day a week that I have off. At least until August. This gives me time to do the things I’m either too tired or too busy to do the rest of the week, like post here or go to the bank… Fun times. I do still find time for knitting, like in movies or when I’m too tired from a 7 hour shift at the bakery to do anything other than sit around and watch something mindless. Oh yeah, and it’s hot here. So there goes all motivation to play outside. Anyway, knitting!

I finally finished the second pair of Red Herring socks. It’s only taken how long?… I don’t wanna think about it. But they’re done and that’s what matters. Who they’re for, I don’t know yet. I’ll just keep them as gift back stock for some holiday or other.

As you may have noticed (“you” really meaning Mouse, because she notices these kinds of things), the feet do not match. I ran out of the dark beige, so I had to use a few extra rows of the light beige on one of the socks. So they’re not perfect, but oh well. They’re still pretty!

I also have some pretty exciting yarn news. When I wandered into the yarn store last week I got a pretty big surprise. WE HAVE NORO SILK GARDEN SOCK YARN!!! Needless to say, I was excited and bought some. I’ve been looking at this stuff online and couldn’t decide between the red and the neutral. So I went into the store and bought both.

Why decide if you don’t have to? I haven’t figured out a project for them, but I’m thinking socks. Just a thought. Though the neutral would make a nice shawl… We’ll see. Another benefit of working in a yarn store is that I get to knit shop samples, so here’s the start of the Silk Garden shop sock.

Pretty, no? Feather and fan but without the garter stitch row. I haven’t decided if I’ll continue the pattern down the foot or not yet. Any suggestions as to which way would be prettier?  Or at least make you want to buy the yarn.

In other news, I went to see The Dark Knight last night and it was great. Heath Ledger was AMAZING. So sad he died young, but his last film was fantastic. He’ll be well remembered. James Dean’s done all right…. Wall-E is really good, too. Definitely makes you think. Good job Pixar.

Nothing else all that exciting has been going on. Knitting, movies, reading, etc. Oh, and I want to direct Closer in the spring and then write about it. Gotta get that in the works. Time to get ready for senior year… eek!


KNITTING!!!! July 10, 2008

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Here are all the current projects I’m working on. Some of them are going slowly, but oh well. There are some finished sweaters in there, too. Yay for finishing things! Though I have to finish at least four or the seven (shh don’t judge, the bible says not to) pairs of socks before I can buy any new yarn. This who working at a yarn store thing is awesome, though it may be a little dangerous.

The lace is missing, and there are two skeins of sock yarn that I bought before I instated the rule of finishing things before I buy more. Though the Silk Garden Sock is coming in next week…


Did I mention… July 5, 2008

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I went to see Eddie Izzard last month? Cause I did. My Dad and I drove down to Atlanta last month and had two days of Eddie Izzard and shopping. Good times.

good times. Funny “off duty transvestite”. Between David Sedaris and Eddie Izzard I think this is the summer of comedy. Now I’ve just got to see Margaret Cho and all will be well. hrm… for now, off to get the super phone fixed!


adventures of a southern belle… July 1, 2008

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Not really. Me? A Southern belle? yeah, right. Though I happen to be living in the south, so I guess that’s close enough. Still, no excuse for why I seem to fall off the face of the earth. But I’m still around, I swear! I’m knitting and reading and working and all that fun stuff. Needless to say, it’s been busy.

I’m working at a yarn store one day a week and it’s wonderful. Though I don’t make much money (however, i do have  some fabulous new yarn ;). I get to hangout for 8 hours, knit and talk to people about knitting. Not too bad. Thanks to that job, I have some new projects, too.  Here’s a list, but no pictures just yet. Sorry.

– The cropped cardigan with leaf ties from knitting out of Noro Silk Garden Lite. I’m making a button closure instead of the ties. I love it.

– A bulky cropped cardigan from Fitted Knits out of Malabrigo Gruesa in a pretty aqua color. I needed something instant gratification. Did I mention I finished half the project yesterday? Yeah, it’s pretty instant. Though I need to buy one more skein of the Gruesa, a skein of the worsted weight for the border and 3 big buttons. Fun and very silly.

– I’ve bought 2 skeins of UrbanGypz sock yarn in fun colors.

– I still have countless pairs of socks that I’m working on and shawls and other fun stuff. I’ll have pictures soon!

I’ve been working with my Wicked Step Mother on personal assistant stuff, so that’s fun. That’s job number two.

Tomorrow I start job number three at a cute little bakery/cafe in town. I’ll be working there a lot, so that’s fun. Apparently their hiring me to work full time. Insane, isn’t it? Yay busy summer!

I really have to start looking into scholarships and things for study abroad. I want to go to Italy for a month or two next summer, so we’ll see how that pans out. I’ve got to start researching for my thesis. I need to write my proposal by September, so wish me luck! For now, I’m back to the super busy summer schedule!