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YARN!!! November 24, 2008

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So I finally have pictures of the RIDICULOUS amount of sock yarn I got from the store. Gotta love getting payed in yarn AND money. I love my job…Anyway, here are pictures!


This is all the yarn. I wasn’t kidding, it’s ridiculous! There are 2 skeins of Noro Kuryon Sock, 5 Skeins Malabrigo Sock, 2 of the new Opal Rain forest (duck and wolf), 1 Harry Potter Opal (Lupin), One Lana Grussa sunset, 2 Lana Grussa cashmere and a little fluffy sheep ornament. Not all of these are for me, but still. CRAZY! My little shelf is still labeled with the post it note “Reasons why Amanda shouldn’t be allowed to work at a yarn store:”. The note even inspires one of the women I work with to make her own little sign. Yay for inspirational post-it notes! Have I mentioned how much I love post-it notes? It’s a little ridiculous, but I adore them. I know, I would.

While I now have a ridiculous amount of new sock yarn, I also finished a pair of socks over the weekend.


Yes, more Noro Kuryon sock yarn. So far I have finished 3 pairs of socks in this yarn, I have 2 more skeins and I may have more on hold…. I mean, WHAT!?!?!? NEVER! What can I say, I’m in love. I don’t think this yarn is going to be part of the sock blanket, though. I have other plans… *coughlogcabinsquarescough*

In other knitting news, so far I’ve finished 5 Christmas presents. The great news? I only have 2 left to knit (that probably won’t be done on time, but oh well. The person that they’re for will understand). I’ve done better this year that any other year. I do have some other presents to get, but the knitting is almost done. Yay! On the other hand, I still have a ridiculous number or projects on the needles. Here’s a picture of the Noro Silk Garden sock yarn scarf.


The scarf is a LOT longer now. It’s so pretty! I’m in love. I’m about half way through the skein. Hopefully I won’t need another one. I’ll know more later…

In other news, I’m waiting to hear about my Teach for America interview. I’m supposed to find out if I made it to the last interview today, so it’s driving me crazy. For now I’m off to knit and watch tv to distract myself. Stay warm!


Ridiculous November 23, 2008

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I went to pick up my “paycheck” from the yarn store on Friday, expecting a small bag of yarn and maybe a tiny check. Instead, I find a large bag full of the yarn I had stashed in the back and a check! It’s insane! I was convinced I hadn’t worked enough to get all the yarn. YAY! I’ll have pictures one I get back to school. I left my camera there over the weekend. Yay new yarn!


I have batteries! November 20, 2008

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So now that my camera works I have new pictures! So here are some knitting updates.

I’ve started new socks.


They’re a Christmas present. And I love them. Though they’ve been bumped, with all my other knitting, for this.



Noro Silk Garden Sock in feather and fan on size 6 needles. I’m in love with this thing. It’s about three times the length now. It’s beautiful! Hopefully I’ll have enough yarn. I’ll know later.

I finished 2 log cabin squares for Brit Knits.


These things are so much fun! I blocked them yesterday so now they’re ready to go. We made log cabin squares as our semester class last Thursday. We’re going to make a blanket with all the squares.

That’s all I have for knitting updates now. Time to make some lunch, then get back to the scarf homework.


Pomatomi? November 14, 2008

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It could be the plural of Pomatomus. I don’t know. I do know that I have no batteries in my camera and therefore have no new pictures of my knitting. It’s very sad. I have finished a sock, started 2 new socks and a log cabin square. It’s a lot of fun and very pretty. I wish I had pictures, but alas. Hopefully I’ll have some next week. For now, I guess I’ll post a picture from London. I just miss it that much.

Oh, and I have an interview with Teach for America!


Who can resist Hyde Park?


OBAMA!!! November 5, 2008

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I cannot put into words how happy I am to be a part of this historic moment. For the first time in 8 years, I am happy to be an American Citizen. I won’t be leaving for grad school sooner than planned! haha.

Enjoy this moment, because we are all a part of history tonight. YAY OBAMA!!!


Those little girls have SO earned that new puppy!


grad school?

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I met with my thesis adviser this week, and we started talking about graduate school. Now, I want an M.F.A. in acting so that I can teach, but I’m also thinking about getting an M.A. in classical acting from a school in London. We talked about when I’d like to go to grad school and all that fun stuff, and then he listed off some grad programs with strong classical programs. Here’s the list:

-Penn State






Needless to say, I’ve been freaking out for the last two days. I took a look at the Julliard site, and I don’t think they have an M.F.A. program, so that one is out. Yale on the other hand… I spent a couple hours looking at the site and freaking out last night. I have no idea if I could get in, but the program looks great! I still have to poke around at a ton of other grad programs, but I never thought I’d ever look at the Yale website. For anything, let alone looking at the admissions page for grad school. EEK! I’m a little upset and U of M doesn’t have a grad program in theatre. Cambridge doesn’t either. Honestly, if Cambridge had a grad program in theatre, I’d apply in a heart beat. I loved it there, it’s beautiful.

I also looked into working at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, but I wouldn’t be able to do that until next year. All the job postings I found start before I graduate, so that won’t work. My Teach for America application is due this Friday, so I have that to do, too. This is nuts!

In other news, classes are going well. I love my chem class, and it’s bleeding over into outside reading. haha. I got a book from the library over the weekend, On Speed: The Many Lives of Amphetamine. It’s REALLY interesting! There are line structures and everything. I feel like a total dork, but it’s super exciting. I could never be a science major or a doctor, but I’d love to play one on TV (can anyone get me a job on House? I’d really appreciate it). I can’t beleive I’m actually enjoing my lab class! haha. YAY for waiting until senior year to take my required lab class.

I’ve finished a lot of knitting, too. I finished one of the dark blue socks the other day, and started the second sock. I worked on them in line before voting this morning (I was in line for an hour and a half. I came prepared with knitting and Freud, so I was plenty busy). I’m also working on the Titania’s Revenge socks, and I’m in love. They’re so pretty!

Okay, I’m off to read for class and watch election coverage. It’s getting exciting!


Finished!!! November 3, 2008

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I finished two pairs of socks this weekend! It’s been a while, but I love finishing things. It feels like such an acomplishment, even if I am more of a process knitter than I product knitter. It just feels good to be done with some things. Since Chrustmas is coming up, it’s good to get some presents done now, rather than waiting until the last minute. And now, finished socks!

Hopefully I’ll finish more this week, though knowing me I’ll probably start more projects this week (I do have two sets of needles free now…). Happy knittin, and go vote on Tuesday!!!