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Boots with the fur… February 9, 2009

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I’m in love, though I forgot to take a picture.

Anyway, I’ve been knitting lots of things. It’s fun. I started a baby sweater for a family friend. Here’s the back.


It’s the Trellis pattern from Knitty. I love it. I’ve also finished a pair of socks, worked on other socks and ignored other projects. As for now, I have to go read for class. Between class, homework, rehearsal, work and all the other stuff I have to do, things are pretty nuts. I’m almost done. I’ll be free in May. Okay, back to homework.


New socks.



New project! February 2, 2009

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Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of new knitting, but I will soon. However, I’m half way though the Monkey socks and I started a baby sweater today (not for me, despite Mouse misreading a text message). It’s the cutest thing ever! That’s about all that’s new in my knitting world. Fun times.

As for the homework, it’s a lot of reading. This would be so much better if I were in the mood to read, but alas. All I want to do is work on this sweater! Time to get back to work and attempt to be useful.

Oh, and I saw a snow-zilla on the diag. Really, it’s a snowman-godzilla, and it was chasing a bunch of small snowmen. Talk about a bad time to leave my real camera at home!