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Another shawl done! August 17, 2009

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MS3 is finally done! After starting the shawl in January 2008, it has finally been finished, beads and all (aside from weaving in ends and blocking, but the knitting is finished which is how I define my projects as “done”). It’s very pretty and I’ll have pictures soon. Now off to the Sarcelle scarf. I’ve also started a few Christmas presents. Happy knitting!


opperation bead acquisition… August 13, 2009

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Yesterday I set out to buy the beads I need to finish my shawl. I arrived at the bead store (where I bought the beads 2 years ago), but they were out of any beads that could work. Today I’m off to the other bead store in town to see if they have what I need. Hopefully I can finish my shawl this week. Then have lots of pictures!


finishing like whoa August 11, 2009

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So writing here has kind of been an epic fail since graduation. It’s not really due to anything other than not having a desk and set schedule. I’ve been working and knitting and reading and watching TV and movies and looking for a job, etc. Life is kind of crazy in its own way. However, I am hoping to get back in the habit of blogging about the ridiculous amount of stuff I’m knitting. On that note…

I’m in the mood to finish projects, and stick to one project at a time (or at least very close to the idea). I’ve finished two shawls over the last couple weeks and I’m working on shawl #3 to finish. I hadn’t worked on lace in a while and I was getting sick of socks, so I’ve decided to go back and finish a bunch of old projects (I have shawls that I haven’t worked on in two years. Crazy). I’m working on the Swan Lake Shawl/MS3. I’m about 3/4 of the way through the shawl and will hopefully finish it this week so I can work on my Wing-o-the moth shawl (also hasn’t really been worked on these last two years).

I’ll take pictures of the shawls and other knitting projects over the last few months. Happy knitting!