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Cooking! September 15, 2009

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So, I love cooking. I don’t cook very often, but I do love it. Sometimes I follow recipes, but not as much any more. Today, I made a delicious Mexican/Italian type dish. I didn’t take notes on what I did, but here’s what I remember:

-2 tomatoes
-1 onion
-3 cloves garlic
-1 green bell pepper\
-pinto beans
-1 bay leaf
-salt, pepper, red pepper, poultry seasoning, olive oil

Rice: Bring to a boil 1 part rice/2 parts water. Cover and summer for 15-18 mins.
Dish: Chop onion and garlic. Saute in large skillet with olive oil. Add Tomatoes and cook down for a few minutes. Add Bell peppers, and let simmer. Add Pinto beans from a can (includes sauce). Let simmer for 5 minutes. Add seasonings (pinch red pepper, salt and pepper to taste, 1 bay leaf, pinch poultry seasoning). Simmer a few more minutes then add chicken. Let Chicken simmer for 5-10 minutes, then turn chicken. Let simmer for another 10 minutes, then shred chicken in sauce.

That’s as close as I can get to what I did. I have pictures, but for now I’m going back to get food. Yummy yummy!


For Mouse…

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… So she’ll stop harasing my to post pictures of my spinning cause it’s not at her house. haha.


Pretty isn’t it? This is merino roving that I bought at Spinners Flock with Mouse over the weekend. I love it. It’s so nice to spin and the colors are pretty, too. I think it’ll all fit on one bobbin, or at least I hope so. Time to get back to spinning!


Happy Mouse?


The shawl that never ends… September 9, 2009

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I’ve been terrible about posting knitting pictures lately. I have them! Lots of them, but I’ve been lazy. But I’ve finally remembered to post some of them while sitting at my computer. yay! So here are some finished shawls.


That’s the Aestlight Shawl in Malabrigo Sock Yarn. I really enjoyed working with this pattern and am thinking about making a couple more for holiday gifts. There’s a smaller size that only takes one skein, but I knit the larger size fot this one. It needs to be blocked, which I’ll get to one of these days.


This is the Seraphim Shawl, also knit from Malabrigo Sock Yarn (in Archangel – I thought the patterns and color names matched). Again, this shawl need to be blocked, but I love this shawl. The pattern is simple but elegant, and the yarn is beautiful. The picture doesn’t do the color justice – in the right lighint it looks like stained glass. This one is for me, though who knows if I’ll ever wear it (I tend to knit shawls and then put them in a box when I’m done. I really should wear them).


This is the Mystery Stole  started almost 2 years ago.


Yet another shawl that needs to be blocked, but I love it. I used one skein of the Alpace with a Twist Fino in a pretty seafoam green color. The shawl has beading throughout and it’s beautiful. I liked how the patten was broken up into 7 or 8 charts and I was able to cross off each row as I worked – it was pretty satisfying.

And now for the shawl I’m almost done with:


This is the Wing o’ the Moth Shawl that I’ve been working on since I was in London (two years ago). I don’t know why I put it aside for so long, but I finally started working on it this summer in my mission to finish the several huge shawl projects I had. I’ve used the Malabrigo Lace Yarn for this in the Pearl colorway. I’m using this yarn in a few other projects at the moment, and love it. It’s so light and soft that it’s perfect for shawls. I have 5 rows left of the last chart for this project, but it feels like it’s taking forever! I want to have this done by the weekend, but we’ll see.

Well, that’s some of my knitting progress. There’s more, but I’ll save that for another post. Happy knitting!


Spinning! September 2, 2009

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The Brit Knits spinning wheel has finally been used! I bought some pretty brown roving on a trip to Lansing today. It’s so fun. I really need a nice place to spin. Talk about motivation for cleaning my room…


so behind on knitting documentation… September 1, 2009

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I need to take pictures of all my projects for Ravelry. I want to test knit, so I should probably have a legitimate way of keeping track of my knitting projects.

Chuppa plans in progress. Possibly designing my own pattern.