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Pretty yarn and a pretty shawl! November 29, 2010

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It’s Christmas knitting season! In the past I’ve made detailed knitting lists, schedules and collected yarn in August. This year… well, lets say I have a lot to knit and not a lot of time. I would love to share some holiday knitting, but I don’t want to spoil any surprises! So until the holidays are over, I have plenty of past projects and new yarn to write about.


Today I’ve been working on a shawl for a friend of mine. I’m knitting the Haruni Shawl in Tilli Tomas Symphony. The Colorway is Coral Sap – appropriately named. The color is a rich coral with a thin silver strand running with the mohair. Iridescent glass beads add glitz to the yarn, and a nice weight to the knit fabric. I have used this yarn before for the same pattern, and have loved working on both. Unlike some mohairs I’ve worked with, there isn’t much of a halo with this yarn. This allows for a clear stitch definition on both size 6 and size 8 needles (I’m using a larger needle than the pattern calls for on the second shawl). The yarn has a smooth handle, even with the beads. The only problem I have found with it is that the twist can loosen, causing the mohair strand to separate from the silk thread with beads and a gap can form between the two. For example, if the silk thread is pulled taught the mohair strand will be very loose. I haven’t had any huge problems with this, but it can be a bit annoying. Other than that the yarn is fantastic – well worth the $40 price tag. It is pricy, but a nice little treat for a special project. With 345 yards per skein, it’s enough for a small scarf or edging on a large shawl.


The Haruni Shawl is a nice little project. It’s pretty in many types of yarn (I’ve used plain mohair, beaded mohair and there’s one knit with Malabrigo Sock Yarn at my LYS). The pattern is fairly well written with clear charts – though the second chart is color coded so I recommend a color printer or a highlighter. I adjusted the edging with the first one I knit. The pattern calls for a crocheted edging that I found to be time consuming and a little tedious. I chose to do a standard bind off which looks fine to me – the yarn was the main focus of my shawl. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the current shawl. I like the look of the crocheted edging, but it’ll depend on time and the yarn may prove to be difficult. We shall see!


Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the shawl yet- still have to set up the camera with the new computer. I’ll post some as soon as possible.


Next week, it’s all about sock yarn all the time!


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