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Bees Eye View December 11, 2010

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I love reading the science articles from BBC News. There’s always something interesting. Today, there’s an article about Bees! Researchers have created a database of images showing how bees see flowers and other plants using the UV spectrum. There are a couple cool images in the article, but not many. I poked around the database website for a bit but I was not able to find any more images there, either. I did get a nice little surprise – one of the researchers is from Imperial College London, which was kitty corner from my flat!

In other news, I finished knitting the shawl with the Tilli Tomas lace. I love the finished product! I was able to block the shawl quickly, it dried in less than a day and hardly any dye came out when I soaked it (no change in color, so don’t worry about that!). I am still having camera trouble, but I will post pictures as soon as possible. Today the shawl goes to it’s new home, so I’ll have to say good bye. Fortunately it’s holiday knitting time and I have more projects than I can possibly finish in time! I am currently working on 3 pairs of socks, 3 cowls need finishing and blocking, and I still have some people to think about.

One of the pairs of socks is almost finished. I am using Urban Gypz merino sock yarn that I bought when I worked at Purls Yarn Emporium in Asheville, NC. Some time in the last 2.5 years I’ve lost the tag. Fortunately for me I stashed it in Ravelry! The color is Deep Water. It’s bright blue, purple, lime green, with dashes of evergreen. I’ve worked with this yarn before to make socks for my brother (Ravelry link) and loved it! The yarn has a tight twist, smooth handle, bright colors, and handles being machine washed well (I know this because of my brother’s socks – they are still very bright!). All around, I love this yarn. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes rich, bright colors and hand painted sock yarn! If you’re in the Asheville area, this is a great local yarn to pick up. I’m not sure if Purl’s still carries it, but you can always ask. I have had several people come into the yarn store where I work now and ask for locally dyed yarn, and sadly we don’t carry any. I always suggest they visit a fiber expo, but it would be wonderful to have a section devoted to local yarns. Purl’s does a great job of this – when I was visiting last month they had some great local sock yarn and that’s what I bought. It also makes a great gift for knitters back home 😉


Happy knitting, and I WILL get this camera situation taken care of!


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