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new year, new yarn goal January 11, 2011

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To say I have a lot of yarn is getting to be an understatement. I’ve been working in a yarn store for over 2 years and I get payed in yarn. It’s been a choice this whole time, and it’s been great. However, storage is becoming an issue as I don’t really have a permanent home. I am also looking to move to England in the near future (ie. in less than 2 years). This has prompted me to lay down some strict yarn rules for 2011.

Rule number 1: No new yarn may be added to the stash until 5 projects have been completed. Only one project worth of yarn may be added for every 5 projects finished.

Rule number 2: Yarn added must already be on my shelf at the store (2 projects are exempt as the yarn is still in transit, but was ordered prior to New Years). My shelf is currently full and needs to be emptied without adding another tub of yarn to my stash.

Rule number 3: Yarn received as a gift may be added to the stash regardless of projects completed as it is from an outside source.

There you have it. My yarn rules for 2011. Here’s to sticking to New Years Resolutions!


One Response to “new year, new yarn goal”

  1. Mouse Says:

    Good luuucckk… 🙂

    <:3 )~

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