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stash stress March 31, 2011

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My stash is starting to stress me out. It has grown exponentially since I started at the yarn store over 2 years ago. Unfortunately adding to the stash with reckless abandon has resulted in a lot of yarn I don’t even know I have. Thus the decision to do some spring cleaning soon. No, nothing will be leaving the stash (as far as I know), but I will be taking pictures and using Ravelry to help me keep track of it. I will finally know just how many skeins of Malabrigo sock yarn I have…

In knitting news I finished most of the pieces for a commission silk sweater. I need to block the body and sleeves before seaming and adding the petal stitch collar details. Now I just need to find somewhere to block it. My bed is not working out. Especially of I want to sleep in the next 48 hours. I finished a baby blanket, too. It’s pretty.

Happy knitting!


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