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It’s official… I have too much yarn April 12, 2011

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In an effort to reorganize my life and set myself up for success and not over stashing, I have decided to take an inventory of my yarn stash. BIG MISTAKE! Well, from the perspective that I have forgotten how much yarn I have, exactly what I have, and how much I REALLY don’t need any more yarn. On the other hand, I will finally be sure of what I have and that I really don’t need another skein of that Malabrigo sock yarn… So with the help of Ravelry, I will be master of my own little knitting world. This has also solidified the principal of not buying any more yarn. I’m pretty sure I have enough yarn that it would take me 5 years to knit through all of it. Seriously, too much yarn for a girl who wants to move to another country and have space in her room for a bed. I also have the help of my new camera to make the project a success!


Basket of sock yarn

I can finally show off my projects! It’s very exciting. It’s taking a little while to get used to, so some of my early pictures are rough but they’re better now. I took pictures of all of the yarn in the sock yarn bin (let’s not discuss how many  future pairs of socks I have) and as I look through them all I can tell that it was about half way before I really got the lighting and focus right.


Herring Bone Rib Socks in Abstract Fibers sock yarn

Needless to say, I’m in love.

Malabrigo sock yarn


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