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Stash Busting… January 17, 2012

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I have a plan. It involves a years worth of projects, to culminate as a rather large and fantastic gift for a very good friend. We shall see.

In the mean time, I’ve been knitting a lot (though work gets in the way sometime). There are sweaters, cowls, hats, blankets and socks that have all been started. Some projects have been completed, lots are still in progress.

Malabrigo Arroyo arrived at the yarn store in December, and I am madly in love with this yarn! The colors are beautiful, thought I would like more selection – something closer to the Rios range. It has a great handle, lovely stitch definition, and decent yardage. I’m halfway through a sweater with it at the moment, and can’t wait ti wear it. I suspect it will be pretty warm (I know the Rios and the Worsted are incredibly warm), but I’m hoping for something to wear on a nice fall or spring day. We’ll see!

Happy knitting to all, and good luck in the rain!


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