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Finally August 3, 2007

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I have the last bit of fabric so I can finish cutting quilt pieces. It may have been just me being dumb and cutting wrong, or I may have not bought enough fabric, or some combination of the two. But I did need to buy more of my background and main color for my quilt. Oh well, the fabric was cheap and on sale. However, do not go to the big Jo Ann’s on Carpenter when you feel like buying something. I barely made it out with that I needed. The wall of quilting fabrics is amazing. I ended up talking to a pair of experienced quilters buying fabric for a new quilt. I told them about my first quilt, and they were both very happy for me. They warned me of the high risk of addiction that comes with quilting. I told them that I am a knitter, and I am prepared. It was a wonderful time. They were both very sweet. And I think they’re right, I already wanna buy fabric for another one, BUT I can’t. Must save for England…

Speaking of England, I heared about my internship yesterday. I will have an interview once I get there to see how it fits, but it sounds pretty cool. Go check out the Camden People’s Theatre website. It sounds pretty fun, and I think I’ll get to do a lot. I’m so excited. I know where I’m gonna live, when I fly out and all kinds of important information that make it all a little frighteningly real… It’s really happening. Oh the terror and excitement…