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i’ve been knitting!!! May 5, 2008

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so, i’m almost done with finals. Luckily they haven’t been that bad this year. I move out on wednesday, and so the last summer before college is over begins. EEK! In other news, I have pictures of a lot of knitting. I’ve finished some things, some are presents and some are just for fun. I don’t feel like taking the time to explain what they are, so here they all are in random order. Enjoy!


Yarn! March 10, 2008

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So, I was supposed to post these a while ago, but then midterms happened. Here’s an update on my knitting though.

I dyed some yarn a weekend or two ago. Here’s what I made:


That’s all the yarn I dyed. Libby and Jenni were there, too. Jenni didn’t stay long, but man did we have a good time. Here’s a run down of my yarn:

Two skeins of red lace weight:

I over dyed the skein of merino/silk lace weight that I used last year:

Self striping sock yarn (short stripes):

And, the whole point of the day:
Self striping Albion sock yarn. yay! Libby made 2 skeins, one for her and one for the one and only Yarn Harlot. Good times.

Last time we had a lot of pictures. This time I only have 4.

We didn’t have gloves, so our hands turned funny colors:


Jenni was shocked.

Libby re-wound the skeins to prepare for self striping yarn:


Look at her go…


We even got the guy working at the Nature Center to dye yarn with us.


He made his mom a Mother’s Day present. It was very sweet. Converting the muggles, one non-knitter at a time…

I’ve been knitting stuff, too.
I finished the Noro socks.



I’m in love.

I started another pair of socks for class/movie knitting. They’re pretty cute, but aren’t very far along. I have lots of other stuff to work on over spring break, and not just knitting. Gotta love homework. The good news is that
MOUSE COMES HOME TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


horrible revelation February 23, 2008

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I have just realized something truly horrible. Due to being in a play, I will not be able to see the Yarn Harlot when she comes to Ann Arbor on April 11th. This is totally not cool. I have decided to send a WIP sock with my friends who are going as a stand in (along with cash for a book, of course). The sock will be as close as I can get, seeing as I’ll be on stage while she’s telling funny knitting stories. I’ll be doing curtain call when my friends get their books signed… Alas, this is tragic (a little overly dramatic, yes – but you have to understand that this is serious. This woman is like a knitting Guru. The Mick Jagger of knitting, if you will (thanks to a fellow college knitter).

In knitting news, I finished the second RPM sock. I’ll have pictures later. The scarf is coming along nicely, and the second England sock has been cast on and is in progress.


As an attempt to recover from the shock of not being able to see the Yarn Harlot in April, I bought a skein of Noro Kuryon sock yarn today… This is a weak moment for me. I will post pictures soon. It’s beautiful.


like, rocks and stuff… February 21, 2008

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I had an exam this morning in my geology class. Yes, it’s true. I’m taking oceans and atmospheres this semester for one of my science requirements. It’s not too bad, actually. Mostly cause I’m kind of a dork (in case you can’t tell by the fact that I have a knitting blog… which is not only dorky, but super awesome… but I digress) and enjoy learning about the atmosphere and really can’t wait for the section on weather. Yep. I’m a dork. BUT I think my exam went pretty well this morning. I won’t know for a little while but I didn’t fail. Which is exciting. Especially since I haven’t taken a science class in three years, but hey. I’ll survive.

In other good news, I have all kinds of rehearsals. Rehearsal for a play I’m in now, rehearsal for a directing scene for class, and in a couple weeks rehearsal for another play I’m in that will overlap with the play I’m already in. Did I mention there will be more directing rehearsals, too? Yay for majoring in theatre! It’s super fun. This does give me some pretty decent knitting time though. With all the classes and the time spent waiting to go on stage and while learning lines. I think I’m even starting to recover from the SSS


(sorry it’s blurry. I didn’t notice until it was on my computer. I’ll take a better one next time) I’ve made progress on two second socks! I’ve decided that I have to finish at least 2 pairs of socks before I can start any new socks. That may not work out as well as I plan, but at least I have good intentions. I do have at least 2 second socks that are at the point where they make good class knitting, which is helpful. They’ll get done a lot faster that way. Which reminds me, I should ask my geology prof if it’s okay for me to knit. I’ve hinted at it and talked to him a little, but never got a real answer. So we’ll see soon. For now, it’s time for me to get ready for a directing scene. Good times, right?

I may have broken my own rule a little…


and started a scarf. oops.


21 in a freshman dorm… February 11, 2008

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I do have pretty new wine glasses though! And by new I mean new to me. Gotta love the Salvation Army


$2 for the two glasses, and 99 cents for the cork screw (and it’s juice. not a delicious but cheap Pinot Gritio…). Gotta prepare for living off board next year… so excited. Anyway, I’ve been getting some knitting done too. I finished the Endpaper mitts


They’re pretty warm for not having any fingers. I’m working on a late birthday gift. Hopefully I’ll finish them soon. They make great class knitting though.


I bought the yarn at Ally Pally in England. It was 3 pounds, which is wonderful. It’s super soft too.

Time to get back to homework and working on my shawl. Gotta love designing a pretty pattern. And there are large groups of sorority girls screaming outside my window… good thing I have a lot of work to do tonight and don’t need to sleep early.


Florence? January 30, 2008

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So, last week while I was walking to my art history class (that I am no longer in), I saw a sign for a study abroad opportunity in Florence, Italy to take a class with two school faculty and another class at the school in Florence. Reading the poster, I got the impression that the deadline was way back in December and I had missed out. Oh well, I went to class and thought little more of it, other than a note to myself to check with one of the professors going to see if it may be an option to go the next summer.

Well, today I stopped into the professors office to ask her about Florence NEXT summer, and when I said “I think I’ve missed the deadline for this year, but what about next year?” She replied with “No, you haven’t missed the deadline. There are still a couple of weeks. Go talk to the off campus office about an application”. WHAT!!?!?! I could go to Florence this summer for 5 weeks and take classes and get credit? So I went to the off campus office, and now have an application.

Now, I am not sure if I am going. I’ve look at the cost of the program, the cost of flights, how much the recommend bringing for spending money and all that. I even spoke to my academic adviser who thinks it’s a great idea. So, the next step is figuring out how to pay for it, and finding out more about the class.

This is what I’ve been thinking about all afternoon. Dude. I might go to Florence and learn Italian (a thought that’s crossed my mind a bit over the last couple of years…). Dude. That’s really all I can say.  But for now, I have to do homework and get ready for rehearsal. Life is sweet.

… Florence… wow.


progress at last! January 29, 2008

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I FINISHED SOMETHING!!!!! It feels like it’s been ages since I finished a project. I had so much Christmas knitting and finished it all at once, so one night I cast on a ton of projects, and most of them are going nowhere fast. The project basket is practically overflowing. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it gets overwhelming at times. So, as a solution to the “I-have-a-lot-of-projects-going-but-I-can’t-decide-which-one-to-work-on” problem, i cast on Wisp. Times like this, instant gratification projects are wonderful. They don’t have the long term commitment that most large lace projects, and Wisp is not as brainless as most socks (knitting a tube… dude, seriously!?!?!). And now Wisp is finally finished.


Yes, that is the finished Wisp draping over my mini-fridge. I’ll have proper pictures once I block it (along with the many other things I need to block… but lets not talk about that). It’s very pretty and very fluffy and very orange. I have most of the second skein left over that I don’t know what to do with. I’m thinking if incorporating it into a bag or something. Who knows. I’ll figure that out later.

As a reward to myself for finishing Wisp, I have decided to cast on MS3 – a.k.a. Swan Lake. I know, that totally defeats the purpose of an instant-gratification project by casting on another large shawl to replace it. I know it sounds crazy, but oh well. MS3 is pretty and I’ve been waiting a while to work on it.


I’m still on the first chart, but it’s looking beautiful already. The beads are a bit of a pain, but they’re few and far between enough that I don’t mind them (yet, anyway). They’re so shiny! I love them. I’m using Alpaca with a Twist Fino. The colors a pretty sea foam/light green. I’m in love. This will be beautiful once it’s done (but then again, so will the Wing-‘o-the-Moth, Catalina, and… I don’t want to talk about it any more).

I also have a picture of my desk, which is pretty cute.


Some things have changed since I took this picture. There are a lot more books next to the printer and the lotion has moved. The diet Pepsi has been replaced by a can of Diet Coke (as it should be…), and there are more books and papers on top of the shelf. Hopefully there will be pictures there someday, if they are ever freed from the garage at home. For now, there are books to read for fun, a book that has to be sent back to an online seller, and the college year books from the last 2 years. Good times, right? I thought so.

Well, I should probably go get some homework done *coughms3cough*. Have a good night, and happy knitting!